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New York Software Engineer is a great place to find a job, but it can also be challenging. Be sure your resume, portfolio and cover letter are buttoned-up. Leaving out irrelevant info, like the fact that you run three marathons per year or are an international master of Dungeons and Dragons, can be a disqualifier.

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Diversity in the Workplace

As the tech industry continues to be chastised for its lack of diversity, companies are starting to take action. Many organizations are now making diversity, equity and inclusion a part of their mission statements. They also have measurable objectives for their diversity and inclusion programs.

However, despite this push for diversity, progress in the workplace is slow. A recent study by hiring platform Hired found that only 15% of searches applied a diversity, equity and inclusion filter to find software engineers with Black, Hispanic/Latinx, Native American or Asian backgrounds. The area with the most diversity in search results was Washington DC, which saw searches for these candidates at 17% of total searches.

Women are also significantly underrepresented in the tech industry. They make up only 25% of computer workers and 26% of those in physical sciences. Their presence has declined slightly since 2016. They also only represent 9% of the STEM workforce in health-related science occupations and 8% of those in engineering and architecture jobs.

High Salaries

Software engineers are paid well and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in New York City. They can work in many different industries including government, tech, startups, and even the entertainment industry. Many of these jobs are in-person but some can be fully remote. The average pay range varies depending on skill level, location, and years of experience.

The best paying sectors for software engineers are management companies, computer systems design, and software publishers. However, these sectors do not always offer the greatest number of opportunities.

If you want to land a job as a software engineer, it is important to know the right people and go through the proper channels. Attending career days and networking events can help you make connections. Getting a mentor is also beneficial and can help you find the right company to work for. Once you’ve worked as a software engineer for several years, it is possible to advance into managerial roles like technical project managers or systems managers.


New York is still the most affordable city for software engineers to live in. While the average salary still lags behind tech hubs like San Francisco, it still beats every other U.S. city and beats out Berlin, Tel Aviv and Melbourne when cost of living adjustments are factored in.

A top tier 1 software engineer in NYC can make several hundred thousand dollars annually, which is considered rich by most definitions. However, many of those people will also live in expensive neighborhoods like Chelsea and East Village or have a roommate to share costs.

But in Brooklyn, a single bedroom can be found for around $900 monthly and the subway system offers a quick and convenient commute to lower Manhattan. This makes Brooklyn an attractive option for young professionals looking to establish a career in software engineering. Then they can enjoy their paychecks and save for a down payment on a nice home. Or they can rent a studio and use the money they’re saving to go on vacations or pay off student loans.

A Diverse Tech Scene

New York is well-positioned in a number of emerging tech sub-industries, and is seeing start-up growth in some sectors far exceeding national averages. A recent report from the Center for Urban Future pointed to several areas of particular strength in the city’s tech sector, including a fast-growing local start-up ecosystem, a high level of diversity among employees and founders, and faster venture funding than any other city or region.

Manhattan continues to dominate, with a large percentage of tech jobs based there, but the Brooklyn waterfront has established itself as a second hub and other areas such as Queens and Staten Island are starting to attract companies. In addition, the city has significant investments in incubators and other programs to support local start-ups.

The thriving local tech scene in New York may lead some Silicon Valley companies to move here, or encourage engineers and other in-demand workers to relocate. This could in turn boost the local economy and help the city overcome its current lagging job creation numbers.

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